10: Emma Frost (Flowing)

Since I was behind on my Inktober sketches, I took a day off and made two sketches today. I don't know if that is my stubbornness or dedication but I have a good feeling about what I did. I had wanted to actually sketch four sketches today so I get where I initially planned to... Continue Reading →

9: Catwoman (Precious)

This is a failure story. It took me three days to make the Wonder Woman sketch which no one liked. I wanted to be ahead of Inktober, but I took a bite, bigger than I was prepared to take. I ended up spending a lot of time and ended up compromising on my sleep too... Continue Reading →

6: Power Girl (Drooling)

Prompt for the 6th day of Inktober 2018 is Drooling. I choose Power girl, cause I have been drooling over her costume since always. I don't mean any offense at all, to anyone who would feel it wrong to objectify a female character, my purpose is plainly to sketch 31 Inktober sketches. Having said that,... Continue Reading →

1: Poison Ivy (Poisonous)

This is the first time I am going to be attempting Inktober challenge. I have always been a fan of this challenge and the prompts have been really tempting, but I wanted to start one when I am ready. I am not ready. I am definitely sure that I would not be able to complete... Continue Reading →

Music is Magic!

My life has been filled with conversations I don't wanna have, thoughts I didn't wanna ponder and conflicts I just wanted to ignore at all costs. There has been no other supporter for me in these situations, apart from my headphones. More often than not, I just like to keep them on and not even... Continue Reading →

Chibi Girl

Just a simple cute Chibi girl sketch. I know Haloween is due for another month but she is just so eager to go trick or treating.

Girl Sketch

I literally fell in love with this girl when I drew her. This was one of the very inspirational sketches for me. I found the simpleness of this sketch very appealing.

Chibi Girl

I had bought a new dip pen. So this was my very first attempt at using it. It's not that pretty cause the ink has spread out a lot. I would probably need thicker paper next time.

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