1: Poison Ivy (Poisonous)

Poison Ivy

This is the first time I am going to be attempting Inktober challenge. I have always been a fan of this challenge and the prompts have been really tempting, but I wanted to start one when I am ready.

I am not ready.

I am definitely sure that I would not be able to complete this challenge, but when I read the prompts and saw the first one was poisonous, I felt driven to give it a try.

Coincidently I just bought a new book yesterday. So, this is a new start for not just a challenge but a book as well.

The first idea in my head was to sketch a Chimera from my one-time favorite game Warcraft III. It had an attack which was called poisonous bile or something like that, which is why it came to my mind first.

I tried to search for Chimera images and I was mostly greeted with the Chimera of Greek mythology. I was intrigued by that Chimera as it is a fusion of a lion and a goat and a snake (in most of the stories). But the association of Chimera is mostly with Fire and not poison.

After digging a bit more, I found that the mother of Chimera is Echidna who is, in fact, half snake. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any mention about her and poison too. So, I came across Medusa the Gorgon, she too didn’t have any poisonous abilities, not exactly, but since her hair is made up of snakes, I thought I will just make her.

While looking up Medusa, I surprisingly came across an image of Poison Ivy and that’s my story of how I started my first Inktober Challenge.

I know, it’s not exactly Ink but just a pencil sketch, but that’s what I am most comfortable with and I didn’t wanna ruin this picture which actually has come out a lot better than what I had expected.

I was able to make it pretty quickly too. I guess the excitement of starting something new.


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