16: Huntress (Angular)


Angular has been a very difficult prompt for me to pull off.

I had initially thought about posting a Green Lantern, then Arrowette and finally I made the Huntress above.

I am not convinced with this completely and it is mainly my own fault. I gave myself a restriction which is not helping me commit to these prompts.

The start was really good, I had made Poison Ivy and Raven which completely stayed true to the feeling the prompts of those days brought onto me.

Next few sketches came out pretty close too, but they aren’t completely true to the prompt words. They are like adjustments, consolations. I made a Hawk Girl cause there was no chicken, I made a running Velocity cause no one was exhausted.

They weren’t all wrong, few came out well indeed, but finally – in hindsight – I feel like I should have said to myself, failing is ok and not made a sketch for Angular prompt if I didn’t have anything on my mind that could connect me to it’s feeling.

I don’t think it is dedication anymore, just stubbornness to not lose this challenge.

I am hugely disappointed with my today’s sketch. I posted it anyways, cause I need it to be a learning experience for me. Not to do things just for the sake of doing ’em.

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