This blog started as a dream.

I wanted to do so much. Evidently, I couldn’t achieve any of it.

I took a break of around two years within which I tried a lot of different things, different blogs to be honest. I couldn’t come back to this place cause I had attached tons of expectations with this blog. I have created many blogs in my life so far and none of them ever ended with “.art.blog” so, it was pretty clear to me that this meant this blog was a special one.

I still don’t have any idea how I was able to get this domain, I tried many times again to get another blog with similar extension but couldn’t.

Finally, one day I sat and thought what if I start posting all of my art at one place and not have any expectations that someone would actually go there and view them. Crazy thought right, creating something that would be not “Liked” by anyone but will be there as a repository for all of my artwork? But well, I tried it out and was able to keep up with my posts for more than a month now. I was very surprised by this increase in dedication with a lack of “like”-motivation.

After a while, I even built up a follower base. It is a small base of around 12 users at the time of writing this but I wasn’t feeling greedy to have a lot more. I was surprisingly content at where I was.

Now, a few thoughts have crept up in my head for making something more out of this blog. Let’s hope I can continue achieving my dream one step at a time and eventually make this blog what I had envisioned two years ago.

My future plan is to add some movie and book reviews.

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