Steps to get Free Wallpapers!

Get latest Wallpapers made by me by following the following steps:

  • Follow my Instagram Page – Click Here
  • On any of the posts, tag 5 friends of yours, preferably those who aren’t following my account already
  • Share any of my post in your story and tag me in it

That’s it.. then you can send me the wallpaper name from this – Wallpaper List – and I will send it to you. 😊

Please give me 12-24 hours for sending you the files, considering my work schedule and time zone differences.. 😅

NOTE: Currently only 19:9 resolution is supported.

RULES & REGULATIONS: (Please read carefully)

  • I can provide only one wallpaper per account per week. Please wait for a week to request a new wallpaper.
  • I would not ask for money from my main Instagram account linked to this blog or any other account nor by calling or emailing any of you. If someone tries to ask for money in exchange of the clean copies of my wallpapers, please report to me immediately. I would not be responsible to provide a refund if you are involved in any such scam.
  • All artwork is re-created by me based on reference from Anime and sometimes Pintrest. While I own these recreations, I don’t own the characters or any particular IP.
  • The exercise is just for fun and to create awareness about my art among fellow Anime/Manga enthusiasts and not to exploit art creation in any way or form.
  • I have the sole authority to change the required steps and to discontinue the giveaway of wallpapers or remove any particular wallpaper without prior notice.

For reading through all this and for testing if your phone will support the resolution, I have a free wallpaper for you at this link –> Click Here

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