Lost in Space – Season 2

I loved season 1 and was eagerly waiting to see where the series goes next. As most of the shows do, now-a-days, the end of a season if left on a huge cliffhanger - I used to hate this, but now it is just getting a bit boring. So, a lot of lose-ends from season... Continue Reading →

Titans – Season 1

There could be a huge debate on weather or not a story should stand on it's own. This TV Show, was definitely made to last more than season one. When a story writer writes a story, often times, they want to create a whole universe and not stop at just one. But, they don't think... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Showman

I am not a big fan of Musicals, but when these movies have a big/famous cast, I do consider watching these with fond interest. And more often than not, these films don't disappoint me. This movie is also one such piece of art that doesn't fail me. It was worth my time and I felt... Continue Reading →

The Predator

The movie has been hated by a lot of reviewers. I was in half a mind to not go for it at all, but as a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies, I saw the movie anyway. If you are looking for a quick answer, yes, the movie sucks. Not as much as everyone is claiming... Continue Reading →

Magnus 1

I am a fan of Rick Riordan, I love his writings. Percy Jackson series was just amazing and it brought back my love for books. The Egyptian take of the series was just simply amazing, the innovative writing of those books was what kept a little (overstretched) suspense and kept the story interesting. The take... Continue Reading →

The Swapper

If you are interested in quality puzzle games or even if you have never played a puzzle game before, I would totally recommend you to take this game for a ride. The Swapper, has a space in my top picks of games I recommend. Gameplay: (10) This puzzler will not only feel fresh at every... Continue Reading →

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