22: Golden Glider (Expensive)

For the prompt of Expensive, it was very difficult to find someone. As it is with many of these prompts nowadays. I finally thought about golden Glider from the flash series. She had a gold gun which can turn people into gold. When I looked her up, apparently she doesn't have that power in the... Continue Reading →

13: Baroness (Guarded)

Whatever she is guarding, you definitely don't wanna try to sneak in. She is a character from G.I.Joe. A series I used to watch on Cartoon Network when I was younger. Don't go by her looks, she looks like a hero character (at least to me) but she is a villain. She is the best... Continue Reading →

8: Wonder Woman (Star)

Isn't she a Star!? For our star, Wonder Woman, I decided to use actual inks. This was the biggest project I attempted in a long long time. I am not going to be able to continue making all of my sketches in Ink though, it takes a lottt of time! I am really happy with... Continue Reading →

3: Firestar (Roasted)

I couldn't think of anything else but a fire-powered character for today's prompt which was Roasted. I searched a lot of Firestar images but I didn't find any of them interesting enough to sketch. Then, I found a page at hobbylark.com which was about Firestar Costume History. There was a picture which I instantly liked... Continue Reading →

2: Raven (Tranquil)

As soon as I read the prompt of Tranquil, I thought of Raven. She is a character who continuously has to battle between her demon side and human side while simultaneously maintaining a balance between both realms. She is the best example of being calm in the midst of chaos. Usually, we have an option... Continue Reading →

The Batman

This is a sketch of a still from the movie, Justice League: War, which was an origin story of the formation of the Justice League. This movie was based on the "New 52" storyline which was a reboot of the entire DC Universe. I have shaded this sketch with Charcoal, it helps me get those... Continue Reading →


Another realistic-ish animal sketch made by following the instructions from Mark Crilley's youtube channel. I am very very happy with this sketch. Especially the eyes of the rabbit look very real. I have again used a two pencil method, 2B Pencil for all the shading and a Black color pencil for the darker areas like... Continue Reading →

Chibi Girl

Just a simple cute Chibi girl sketch. I know Haloween is due for another month but she is just so eager to go trick or treating.

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