8: Wonder Woman (Star)


Isn’t she a Star!?

For our star, Wonder Woman, I decided to use actual inks. This was the biggest project I attempted in a long long time. I am not going to be able to continue making all of my sketches in Ink though, it takes a lottt of time!

I am really happy with the end result and I would definitely be doing more such Inks, but it is not possible for a daily challenge, especially when the subject I choose is so complex, at least for me; at this stage and at my current skill.

After posting Velocity on Sunday evening, I had time, so I made the pencil sketch of Wonder Woman here, I thought I would post this sketch too and get one step ahead of Inktober, you know, just in case there is a day I am not able to sketch. But, I couldn’t complete it on Sunday.

Monday, I just thought I will go ahead and complete it in Inks instead of just with a pencil. As it’s evident I was not able to post it on time and ended up being behind Inktober. I am going to continue making sketches in pencils for now, until I find another really beautiful sketch that I just have to Ink-in.

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