19: Star Fire (Scorched)


I have fallen in Love with this sketch. She is beautiful. I Love how her hair came out, touched with fire.

I had initially planned on making Star Fire for the prompt of Star. Since it’s there in her name, but then I thought of an actual star – Wonder Woman. So, for scorched, I found this picture of her and drew it.

I have taken the picture using my camera and a new STM lens. It came out much sharper than the pictures I took using a cell phone.

Another weekend has gone by when I thought I could get ahead of the challenge, but I am still falling behind.

I guess I just need to make peace with the fact that I am not going to complete the challenge by Halloween. I may probably complete it my Diwali. Anyway, I am happy that at least the sketches I am making are coming out beautiful and I am satisfied with it. Also, I am learning new things, like I learned how to make fiery hair in this one.

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