9: Catwoman (Precious)


This is a failure story.

It took me three days to make the Wonder Woman sketch which no one liked.

I wanted to be ahead of Inktober, but I took a bite, bigger than I was prepared to take. I ended up spending a lot of time and ended up compromising on my sleep too just so I could get a perfect sketch.

In the end, all of my efforts did bear me a sketch like I have never made before, I was super happy with the outcome. But, it wasn’t well received by others. I understand that I shouldn’t just focus on people’s “likes”, but it actually does help me get a bit of motivation.

In any case, on the evening of 9th, the morning when I woke up early to complete my sketch, I was feeling so demotivated, I couldn’t make the Catwoman sketch that I wanted for the prompt word of “Precious”.

I choose Catwoman, cause she is a thief who understands the value of precious things. I had a couple of sketches in my mind, but finally, I had to settle with this one.

The Catwoman in the picture above is wearing a classic costume. Nowadays, she is portrayed wearing a complete black leather suit which makes her look very flexible and agile, but previously her costume was very much like a standard superhero costume, with a mask, belt, boots, and a cape.

I was afraid of inking it as it would take a lot of my time, but I still went ahead and did it, cause I don’t want to take a step back. The face ended up being bigger in proportion than the rest of the body, and I now can’t even change it, but well, it’s a learning thing for me.

I am running behind, but hopefully, I can push through. One more thing I learned though, was that unless I challenge myself to make things I am not comfortable making, I cannot actually grow my skills.

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