12: Mera and Killer (Whale)


This was a very complicated sketch. The detailing took a lot of my time.

I have almost quit Inktober. It is taking up so much of my time and I don’t even know if this is something I like doing.

For the prompt of Whale I was very confused on what to make, then while browsing potential sketches to copy, I came across one piece of Mera from Aquaman.

I got an idea of making a sketch of her on a whale. I tried finding references and I found this one where she was standing on rocks and a water elemental was there behind her.

So, I thought I will make her and then add a whale behind her, in place of the elemental monster. When looking up whale pictures, I came across Killer Whale and so I made it.

I know that killer whale is a dolphin, but well, it does have Whale in its name.

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