The Predator

The movie has been hated by a lot of reviewers. I was in half a mind to not go for it at all, but as a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies, I saw the movie anyway. If you are looking for a quick answer, yes, the movie sucks. Not as much as everyone is claiming it to be, cause in my honest opinion, I have seen mostly everyone trying to compare it with the first part and how it is not same as the 1987 movie. If you have not seen the first movie which came three decades ago, then there actually are a few things to salvage here. 

So, if you are still reading, I guess you want to give this movie a shot? Let’s see if I can sell this to you.

The Predator:

The Predator

First of all, this is a Sci-Fi movie, but the plot that it chooses to follow is of a classic horror-slasher genre film.

We have a huge Predator who goes around killing people by sneaking onto them usually, or sometimes just jumping in front of them and going “Boo” with his laser gun or the cleaver weapon. If you are a fan of such films, like the Scream series but always wanted a little more Sci-Fi touch to it, you are sold.

The movie also has pretty little of the actual Predator encounter, so if you are thinking it is all about the big yucky alien, no it isn’t. It is more about a conspiracy which is running between the human characters as they are trying to investigate the reason for which the Predator came to the earth in the first place.

Apart from that, the movie doesn’t have anything else to offer. If you aren’t sold still, I can’t help you. You should not go for this movie.

The entire movie felt like a fanboy trying to get this over with so that he can go and make the next part.

There are a few issues I had with this movie which I will be listing down. It will have some spoilers, so please be warned.


The fight between the big Predator and the normal Predator is very short. Actually, if you have seen the trailer, it is all there is to that encounter. Rest of the movie follows the human characters trying to outsmart the big Predator.

There are even Predator dogs and I feel they are very forceful. They just wanted to show that dogs can be tamed by anyone no matter an alien or not, it will behave exactly like a dog. This was a wasted opportunity.

For the first time in the Predator series, there is a translation device which actually makes the big Predator speak with the human characters. This removes any time of claustrophobic feeling, as we now know exactly what the killer wants.

After that, in the very next sequence, we see him hanging from a tree and biting a person’s head off. I personally felt this went against the tone they were going for. One moment they had him as a villain who wants to communicate with the humans and in the next, he is a savage. It just didn’t work out for me.

Lastly, the flaw that most of the movies have. Predator won’t just easily kill the main hero of the film. He will keep throwing him around and toy with him giving him a chance to strike back and defeat him. This is a very unimaginative storytelling. Plus, in the end, we just have the main actor and actress alive. Everyone else is dead. Just like it would be in any other horror-slasher movie.

Ending where they set up the next film, felt very weak and rushed. They just gave it all away, what they are planning for the next installment. Just cause it is a big franchise and definitely people are going to go for it, like I did even after knowing it is a bad film, they made this as an entry to set up the next possible film or films or a possible series.

If you are a fan of horror-slasher, go for it, this movie is for you. For the fans of Predator movies, please don’t go for this


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