The Swapper

If you are interested in quality puzzle games or even if you have never played a puzzle game before, I would totally recommend you to take this game for a ride. The Swapper, has a space in my top picks of games I recommend.

Gameplay: (10)

This puzzler will not only feel fresh at every new room that you enter, what you need to accomplish between reaching the different puzzle rooms also leaves a sense of satisfaction when achieving.

The mechanics of this game seem to be quite simple, and they are, but the amount of effort the the developers have put in to provide you with the amazing different types of puzzles is a journey you will cherish and might definitely want to take again (I surely did).

Although, once you have accomplished the game, it would become fairly easier to stream through the levels, you might just want to dwell into the game story once more, to understand the surroundings and the hints of the possible ending better – or maybe you can just play-through it again for the alternate ending or collecting all the 10 subtly hidden collectibles (I had to watch an online walk-through to get all of them).

Story: (10)

The story of the game is not very captivating – it is a simple plot, since most of the focus for development was on puzzles and I want to stress this point that all the puzzles are fresh – none would send you back into doing something you have already done, but instead expanding on the knowledge you keep gathering throughout the run.

The setup on the other hand is just brilliant. The simple plot brought together with some amazing music set up and hint towards an claustrophobic type environment gives you the thrills throughout the short gameplay.

Graphics: (10)

The graphics of this game are amazing for a 2D game, the developers have not put much into character modelling, very rightfully too, instead they give us an amazing set up with beautiful environments and perfect lighting.

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