Music is Magic!

My life has been filled with conversations I don't wanna have, thoughts I didn't wanna ponder and conflicts I just wanted to ignore at all costs. There has been no other supporter for me in these situations, apart from my headphones. More often than not, I just like to keep them on and not even... Continue Reading →

Jumbo the Flying Elephant

I used to watch cartoon a lot when I was young and I remember this cartoon I once saw about an elephant who could fly using its ears. I have since then been fascinated by this character. I wanted to make this version of Jumbo for a while now, but since I liked the pose... Continue Reading →

Olivia Flaversham

She is a character from the movie The Great Mouse Detective that initially released in 1986. It was later re-released after the success of other Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. I believe it is not that widely known since it didn't have any exceptionally memorable support charters like Sebastian and Iago which... Continue Reading →

The Flash

I have started signing my artwork again. I used to always sign the sketches I used to make and used to date them so I would know when I made them and it helped me keep a track of my improvement over time. But lately, I stopped, I can't remember why. Eventually, I just ran... Continue Reading →


Tazmanian Devil. Commonly known as Taz in the Looney Tunes Caron show. I have used three different techniques to make this image. Firstly I have it a base of pencil color shading, then I have it a thin outline with a gel pen and finally I have it a think border with a cello marky.... Continue Reading →


15th September is celebrated as International Red Panda Day. So, I thought of creating a very famous Red Panda from Kung Fu Panda - Shifu.


One of the tougher sketches I made. The fur was tough enough but the proportions of this pose were very difficult for me to get right. Finally, I could get it to look like the reference image that I was copying. I got to learn quite a few good techniques in this one. I am... Continue Reading →

A Cat

I have no clue what this is, my best guess is that it is some kind of a cartoon cat. I really liked the pose and the way it was sketched, the colors used. So, I recreated it.

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