Cute Dragon

I learned how just placing a few scales around some areas of the character will make the art look really appealing. Another important thing in this image was that I made it using a 3B pencil instead of my usual HB and 2B pencils. The main reason being my 2B pencil has become very small... Continue Reading →

Chibi Girl

I had bought a new dip pen. So this was my very first attempt at using it. It's not that pretty cause the ink has spread out a lot. I would probably need thicker paper next time.


I have not yet become very comfortable with watercolors but I like trying them out as often as I can. This painting has a simple coat of solid paint and then, I have gone over it with some pencil colors to give it some texture and shading. It was a fun project.

Togepi II

I made this sketch for a friend of mine who had requested that I color in the previous Togepi sketch. I couldn't color in the one which I had already made cause the shading in that was done mostly with a black pencil color and I wouldn't have been able to erase it and color... Continue Reading →


I have always loved Pokemon and I just enjoy making them whenever I do. My biggest motivator for continuing to sketch are these cute monsters. Whenever I am out of ideas on what to make I just go to a random pokemon generator and make whichever pokemon comes up. It really helps me to get... Continue Reading →


Olaf the snowman from the movie "Frozen". The thing that got me attracted the most for this image was the idea of Olaf being ignorant to his kryptonite - Fire. In the movie too, Olaf is always looking for a warm summertime, not knowing that it will kill him. Eventually, he does realize it, but... Continue Reading →

Donald Duck

I started a blog long back with just one thing on my mind - have a collection of images to look back at and see the improvement I made. I wanted that blog to be an inspiration for myself whenever I didn't know what to draw. That blog had to be shut down. Now, I... Continue Reading →

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