The Flash


I have started signing my artwork again.

I used to always sign the sketches I used to make and used to date them so I would know when I made them and it helped me keep a track of my improvement over time. But lately, I stopped, I can’t remember why. Eventually, I just ran out of the habit.

Today when I made this sketch I just felt like signing it, I really liked how it came out and it was a pretty quick sketch. In around 20 mins I was able to call this complete.

Lately, the sketches that I have been posting aren’t exactly the ones which I am making that day. And I am feeling very agitated considering what to sketch next cause I don’t have a clear idea about what all I made in the past few days.

I believe this habit would help me get streamlined again and help me have a better idea of my future projects by giving me a proper view of my past.

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