6: Power Girl (Drooling)


Prompt for the 6th day of Inktober 2018 is Drooling.

I choose Power girl, cause I have been drooling over her costume since always.

I don’t mean any offense at all, to anyone who would feel it wrong to objectify a female character, my purpose is plainly to sketch 31 Inktober sketches.

Having said that, there is a story behind the “hole” on Power Girl’s costume.

Power Girl is a Super Girl from another universe who is stuck here. Since she couldn’t go back, she started fighting crime and joined the Justice League. She designed this costume as she wanted something similar to that of Super Girl.

Super Girl has an ‘S’ symbol on her chest, similar to that of Superman which represents “Hope”. Power Girl wanted something similar, so she left that part blank, to fill it later with a symbol, she never found it though.

Anyway, in the New 52 version, she is very much covered and has a symbol of ‘P’ covering her left chest and shoulder. I still am a fan of the classic Power Girl costume as many other’s would be too, I am sure.


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