I am nature,
I am the untamed,
I am above your boundaries,
I am the wild.


My DoodleWash competition continues, I made a sparrow-like bird for the Wildlife Day.

I saw many entries on the wildlife day were around a Lion. Lion is the king of the jungle, so obviously that would be something people would go for, but amongst all of that, I saw two sketches that made me look at the day very differently. One was of a mouse – it wouldn’t seem like a wild creature, but still, we all have heard the story where the rat saves the lion by biting the net. Another unique painting was of a girl sitting in the middle of the room which was completely (wildly) trashed by her pet dog.

Seeing these two paintings I felt like thinking a bit out of the box and so, I made this Sparrow. While sketching it, I got that poem in my mind automatically, I wasn’t thinking about it. I wrote it down and then slept. The following morning I felt very embarrassed for some reason with the poem. I wasn’t sure I should post it, nor did I think it was in any way good.

I edited it a bit and posted just four lines, I didn’t save the rest cause I knew I would never use it. Now, thinking back, I should have kept it, maybe someday I could have built on it and made it better.

A lesson for future, save things you create no matter how bad they are. Someday it might fill a hole you didn’t even know was there.


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