A while back I had made this sketch of Bane. I showed it around to a couple of my friends and they all had a similar opinion about it, they all questioned me why was the head of this character so small as compared to the rest of the body.

One of my friends tried to take my side by saying “Hey haven’t you seen those dirty cartoons with dispropriate body, it must be like one of that.” Maybe she was trying to help my case or maybe she actually did find it unappealing, I will never be able to tell. I never showed any of them how much it had hurt me but I was really sad.

I eventually had sent it to one of my old friends, desperate at this time, to get some sort of appreciation out of my efforts. She too had the same question, is the head actually supposed to be so small?

After all this criticism, I stopped sketching again in this book. I had thought that this was a beautiful sketch and I am going to get a lot of praise. I had also decided that this book was only going to have masterpieces from now onwards. But, things went quite differently than what I had imagined.

While watching a video about “How to Handle Criticism” – by Mark Crilley, I realized that maybe, those people just didn’t get that art style. They aren’t qualified to critique my art and their liking or disliking my sketches shouldn’t matter much.

I really need to learn to take criticism better.


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  1. Even I feel that maybe they don’t get this art style, and maybe it’s because they haven’t seen bane like this. Most of them must have seen The Tom Hardy version of Bane, and that is why it was hard to relate the movie Bane with this comic Bane. I don’t know if this helps, but I googled pictures of Bane in comic books and I must say that the similarities are remarkable, it is exquisite how close your sketch has come to real bane sketches in the comics. It is how it should be, scary as a supervillain and beautiful details with venom pipes there. Excited to see your cool sketch-work!


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