31: Psylocke (Slice)


I had made a new years resolution to make one pokemon sketch daily using a random Pokemon generator. That was a challenge I gave myself cause I wanted to push myself.

There were a few issues with that challenge. Mainly, I stopped following Pokemon long time ago. Many of the random Pokemon’s generated by the random generator are ones which I have never seen before.

I don’t feel connected to them and as a result, I don’t feel happy making them.

The second issue was, I realized that some of these Pokemon’s were very easy and as a result, I was not actually learning anything. In other words, I was not improving my skills as an artist.

Lastly, I had given myself a challenge for an entire year. There was nothing to discover, no wonderments. I had made a blog then where I was able to post more than 50 sketches. But looking back at that blog I was not satisfied at all!

Today, when I complete this challenge of Inktober and look back, I am more than happy for where I have reached.

I decided what to sketch, it was not random. It was based on a prompt for sure, but it was my choice on what to make look like that day’s prompt word. It was challenging, so much that it took me three extra days to complete it. As a result, I learned a lot of new things about inking and in general sketching female superhero characters. Also, as it was just 30 days, I didn’t lose my interest before the challenge was completed.

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