17: She-Hulk (Swollen)


After the last post, I was a bit disappointed where I was heading to. But, today’s sketch changed that perspective of mine.

I totally Loved making the She-Hulk and am very happy how it came out finally. I would be more motivated if I keep making such sketches.

She was my choice for today’s prompt word cause of her swollen muscles.

Even though she is more muscular than other female comic book characters, she is still not ugly like The Hulk. Hulk has his features exaggerated to the point where he doesn’t look human at all.

Maybe he isn’t. I have seen a comic book story where there is a planet of Hulk. I am not sure if it is an alternate universe or if that is a virus that spreads to all the humans, but if it isn’t either of those then probably Hulk is an alien.

In any case, my point is, the comic book artists made She-Hulk still look appealing and sexy. We have women bodybuilders who do look like her. She is not out of the world ugly. Makes me think, comic artists were incapable of getting the female characters to look anything but sexy. Even if they had tried.

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