14: Shadowcat (Clock)


It was very difficult to find a picture for the prompt word of Clock. After trying to search a lot it finally struck me, Shadowcat! Kitty Pryde, an X-men who can pass through objects, develops some powers when the mutants are on the verge of extinction.

Mutant – mutates.

In X-men, the Animated series, a mutant with the powers of shooting spikes from his hands, mutates to be able to grow a complete exoskeleton which acts as an armor for him. Later on, he even mutates further and has the ability to set the spikes on fire.

I digress, the topic for today is not Spike, nor mutants mutating, it is how Kitty clicked the reset button on the entire X-men movie series. All the characters that had been killed off, would be alive again.


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