11: Death (Cruel)


In the comic books, Thanos kills half the universe using the Infinity stones, to show his love for Mistress Death, also known as Lady Death, or just Death.

Death is cruel, isn’t she? Just look at that smile. You know something cruel is brewing inside her.

Anyway, if you don’t consider her as a character and as Death itself, that is cruel too. It is just as cruel, if not more so than time. When it comes for someone, it is relentless, it doesn’t listen to your pleas or what you have done to deserve a delay. In this sense, it’s almost like Death and Time are just so similar. When you run out of time, you are dead.

I didn’t intend this post to be depressing to anyone, I didn’t mean to be cruel. But it’s best to understand the limited time we have and try to live every moment to it’s fullest!

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